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Personalized Services

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A funeral can and should be as unique as the life that is being celebrated. We believe that each family deserves to honor their loved one’s life in a way that is most meaningful to them. Our staff will provide you with a wide variety of choices that will personalize and reflect the life that was lived. Personalization can be found in three forms:

Participation: Participation is the direct involvement of family members in activitivies held at the visitation, service or graveside. When someone participates in a ceremony, ritual or tribute, they establish a direct connection not only with their loved one, but with all the others who participate in or witness the activity. Participation may include serving as pallbearer, musician or reader. It may include jotting down your favorite memories to be read or giving a eulogy. Almost no age is too young or too old to participate in a funeral in some way.

Props have always been a good way to personalize. The emotional outlet of selecting things to bring to the funeral home-pictures, memorabilia, clothing-is important for the family. Bringing them to the funeral home or place of service allows the family to be surrounded with memories and good feelings. Well thought out, meaningful items can spark conversation and stories, remembrance and love.  

Personalization with product can be accomplished through the use of personalized caskets, casket panels, urns or stationary products. Not only do these personalized items reflect a unique life that was lived, but in many cases, they make a meaningful keepsake for the family. (Used with permission of Lifetimes author JoAnn Baldwin) 

The following are personalization opportunities for your loved ones funeral:   

  • Dove, butterfly or balloon release Photographic collages
  • DVD tribute
  • Personalized music selections
  • Memorial folders and register books that reflect personal style and interest
  • Keepsakes; from angel or footprint coins, blooming hearts to grandma's cookie recipe or golf balls and tees
  • Display of personal memorabilia, such as uniforms, awards or favorite pastime items 
  • Special customs unique to certain faiths, ethnic groups, and fraternal organizations
  • Honor guards or escorts for military, emergency service personnel, etc.
  • Funeral procession led by service vehicles or motorcycles
  • Signature Series Casket