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Green Burials

Serving Dane County since 1922.

To contribute to our communities' environmental awareness, Gunderson Funeral Home offers alternate burial options along with traditional burial and cremation options. Green burials, or natural burials, are intended to ensure that the burial site remains as natural as possible. A green funeral typically includes no embalming or embalming with formaldehyde-free products, the use of sustainable biodegradableclothing, shroud or casket, and natural or green burial. Traditional standing headstones are typically not used. Instead, flat rocks, plants or trees may serve as grave markers.

Why have a green burial?

Many people believe that our bodies are intended to reunite with the earth; all organisms that have lived, have died and returned to the earth's soil to be recycled into new life. Nature will break down the buried body by constant microbial activity. Green burials are earth friendly options. Natural burial sites promote the growth of native trees, shrubs and wildflowers and will in turn invite birds and other wildlife to the area. A green cemetery will allow nature to take its course.

If you choose to have a green burial, you may still keep your personal values and have the service of your choice.