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General Aftercare

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Grief Support: Our Caring continues
The death of someone we love leads us on a journey that most of us would not choose, a journey through grief.  Gunderson Funeral Home hopes that as you walk and work through this time of loss, you have the care and support that you need for this to be a healing journey.  This information shared here on this website is offered as part of that hope … as part of that care and support.

We at Gunderson Funeral Home have always believed that our professional care does not end at the time of the funeral.  Our caring continues through our customized program called PATHWAYS THROUGH GRIEF throughout the time it takes for an individual or family to feel more of a sense of equilibrium and healing.

Pathways Through Grief: Offered Services

Part of our commitment is exemplified in providing a full service AfterCare/Grief Support program with three Grief Counselors on staff to help meet needs of the families we serve and the community at large.  There is no charge for any PATHWAYS THROUGH GRIEF services.

During the funeral arrangement conference you will receive an informational folder about the grieving process, as well as an invitation to receive support through our complimentary Pathways Through Grief© program. Participating individuals receive a follow-up phone call or personal visit, correspondence, and access to support groups, community services, books and videos.

Our qualified licensed counselors offer resources and support to grieving families at no cost. Their work with us compliments their private practices with the Center for Life and Loss Integration, and work with Gilda's Club and the University Hospital Palliative Care Program.

Additionally, families are offered two annual "Time of Remembering" events. These take place every November and May at Olbrich Gardens in Madison, and provide a healing time for reflection in a supportive community setting.

"Some of us think we're pretty 'tough' and don't need coaching to help us through things… Sometimes the counselor's role is just to help with answering questions about what's going on with feelings weeks, or months, after a person has died."

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