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Gunderson Funeral Home feels that Support Groups can be an important help to those going through grief. They are not for everyone but many individuals find comfort in realizing they are not alone in the grief they are feeling. Many people tell us they are “not good in groups”, but some of these same individuals find, after taking the risk to go to just one meeting, that it is a good place for them and others there understand. Here are some selected support groups in Dane County.

General Grief Support Groups:

  • Journey Through Grief: Seven weekly sessions. HospiceCare 276-4660
  • Grief Stepping Stones: Three educational and support series. HospiceCare, 276-4660
  • Bethel Lutheran Church: Drop in group, every Tuesday 12:30-1:30 257-3577
  • Moving Through Grief: St. Dennis Catholic Church, Kathy Saunders -222-9558

Support Groups For the Loss of a Spouse:

  • Widows and Widowers Group: Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Lynn at 271-6633
  • The Circle of Weavers*: for younger women (under 55) call Judy Koeppl – 258-7771
    *Gunderson Funeral Home underwrites THE CIRCLE OF WEAVERS a support group for young widows. It meets at The Center For Life & Loss Integration on the first Thursday of each month.
    KAYRA: Support, activities, social gatherings for widowed persons – Marion 222-8514

Support Groups For the Loss of a Child:

  • Bereaved Parents Group: infant death, stillbirth, Miscarriage -Sue, -837-3706
  • The Compassionate Friends: Death of a child (any age) call Jim or Sharon – 835-7493

Support Groups For Children Who Have Had A Significant Loss:

  • Hospice Family Series: For Children/Teens, Parents meet too, Cheri Milton 276-4660
  • Kids Can Cope: Education and support for children and teens - Peggy Weber 258-6336
  • Camp Hope: Free weekend camp for kids 7-17. Spring & Fall- Becky Loy 715-341-0076

Support Group For Loss by Suicide or Violent Death:

  • Survivors of Suicide: 2nd and 4th Tuesday evenings 7-9 PM Vicki Westrich 280-2600
  • Parents of Murdered Children: 3rd Sunday, Meriter Hospital, Bill Swanson 821-0050

This is a very brief listing of support groups. Please feel free to call us for more details on the groups listed above and/or information on other groups you may be looking for. Gunderson’s have a list of over 75 support groups in this area so hopefully there is a group that may be most helpful to you and your family members. Ask for one of our Aftercare staff: Judy Koeppl, Kate Ford Roberts or Linda Colletti. They would be glad to talk this over with you and help you to select an appropriate group. They also are available to talk with you over the phone or to make an appointment to talk with you in your home




A private organization dedicated to furthering our understanding of and compassion for the complex set of emotions we call grief. Dedicated to helping both the bereaved, by walking with them in their unique life journeys, and bereavement caregivers, by serving as their educational liaison and professional forum.


A place where men and women can discuss, chat or browse to understand the many different paths to heal strong emotions. Resources on the site include excerpts from author Tom Golden's books on healing from loss.


GriefNet is an Internet community of persons dealing with grief, death, and major loss. They have many email support groups. Their integrated approach to online grief support provides help to people working through loss and grief issues of all kinds.

A leading provider of information and inspiration in the areas of illness and dying, loss and grief, healthy caregiving, life transition, and spirituality.


Grief support information and resources from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP).


Gunderson Funeral Home's booklet on our Aftercare staff and services.



Gunderson Funeral Home maintains a small library of Grief resources for individuals and families to purchase or check out to read or watch. We know that getting good information on the grieving process is an important help in understanding grief and finding ways of coping with it. We hope these resources help in your grief and loss, to comfort and provide hope and healing. We have a number of books that we recommend. There are so many good books and we try to have a number of these books in stock for either purchase or to check out. The price to purchase the books is at or below cost. If you check out a book, please fill out one of the sheets and date it. We would ask you to try to return the book within 3 weeks and a video within 1 week. We will call to remind you if it isn’t returned by that time. Thank you for your consideration in thismatter. The following are books we keep a stock of for purchase:

A general book on grief and the grieving process:  
  The Courage To Grieve by Judy Tatelbaum $5.00

A workbook on Helping Yourself Through Grief:
  Grief’s Courageous Journey by Caplan and Lang $10.00

2 Helpful books for Children in their grief:
  Helping Children Grieve and Grow by Donna O’Toole $5.00
  A Child Remembers by Enid Samuel Traisman  

A helpful book for teenagers going through grief:
  Facing Change by Donna O’Toole $5.00

Some books to help with the loss of an infant, stillbirth or miscarriage
  When Hello Means Goodbye FREE
  Goodbye My Child by Sara Rich Wheeler & Margaret Pike FREE
  This Little While by Joy and Dr. S. M. Johnson FREE
  Love and Remembrance: A Memory Book
by Margot Burkle

A book to help with the death of a loved one by suicide:
  No Time For Goodbyes by Janice Harris Lord $10.00

Some Videos We Recommend: Check Out Only
  Invincible Summer: Returning To Life After Someone You Love Has Died
  Journey Through The Shadows: Hope For Healing After Suicide
  Footprints On Our Hearts: Coping With Miscarriage, Stillbirth, & Newborn Death

We want to suggest that you also check the Compassion Books catalogue at Gunderson Funeral Home Grief Library. There are over 300 books listed on grief and loss, with each one having a description of the subject matter covered in the book. The persons at Compassion Books are very good about getting books right out to you when you order them either on line or over the phone. We also want you to know that our grief counselors are also available to help you with selections of books and videos and to talk about them with you if you wish. Feel free to come in or call Judy Koeppl, Kate Ford Roberts or Linda Colletti at 608-221-5420.